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Single Tri-fold Coolaboo Insert
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 We usually use these Tri-fold inserts in our Night nappies, but if you have additional day-time absorbency needs these could be the answer! One of these folded in 3 and added to your pocket nappy will boost the absorbency by triple!
These can also be used for premmie babies in a small cover as a pre-fold, or pinned directly on with a cover over the top.

The Inserts are 34cm wide and 29cm long and are intended to be used in combination with other inserts for babies larger than Prems.

60% Bamboo Fiber
30% Organic Cotton
10% Coolplus

  • Super soft
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Organic
  • Great for heavy wetters
  • Gets more absorbent with each wash for the first 10 washes

Coolaboo is the softest and most absorbent fabric that takes REAL life into consideration. In real life we like things to dry within the same day that we hang them out! By adding Organic Cotton and Coolplus the absorbency isn't compromised to get the additional drying benefits!

Disclaimer: While these inserts get more absorbent for the first 10 washes, they also experience a small amount of shrinkage due to the expanse of fabric used. In most cases they can simply be stretched back to their full size as this phenomena doesn't effect the absorbency.