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4 Pack Night Nappy Inserts Pack + Free Cover
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The Love Bugz Night Nappy Insert Bulk Pack allows you to extend the use of your Cloth Nappy stash to being a truly Full time and flexible package. Having 4 Night Nappies in a stash allows you to wash every 3rd day and regardless of the weather, you'll always have a dry nappy for the night!

All babies need extra absorbency at night to ensure their comfort and health. By simply increasing the number of absorbent fabrics and the type of them, we can create a Night Nappy Setup that will suit most "regular" wetters (Newborns to crawlers who don't wet through a regular crawler nappy at night).

For those whose Children are struggling with finding something absorbent enough for night sleeps - don't fret! We are currently developing the Ultimate OSFM Night Nappy!

This package includes all the inserts you will need from Birth to Crawler stage. Simple alternate the parts you use until your child needs them!

Our Night nappies use the same directions and care instructions as our regular nappies and don't require any other special know-how to maximise their ease of use!

Simple choose your Nappy outer Fabrics and in each pack you will receive a Nappy pocket, a Tri-fold Coolaboo insert and 2 Extra long Coolaboo inserts. These Extra long inserts can be folded to place the maximum absorbency in the area that your child most needs it.

  • For Back Sleeper Boys, have it folded in half
  • For Back Sleeper Girls, have it folded with more at the back/underneath her
  • For Front Sleeper Boys or Girls, have the folded insert doubled at the front/underneath them

Each Nappy comes with a Suede Cloth liner or a Microfleece Liner (which keeps baby feeling dry - See our FAQ's to find out more) and a PUL Lined Waterproof pocket cover. Into this pocket you stuff the inserts that come with the nappy.

60% Bamboo Fiber
30% Organic Cotton
10% Coolplus

  • Super soft
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Organic
  • Longer drying times than Microfiber
  • Absorbs more than Microfiber - great for heavy wetters
  • Gets more absorbent with each wash for the first 10 washes
  • Slightly more expensive than Microfiber

Coolaboo is the softest and most absorbent fabric that takes REAL life into consideration. In real life we like things to dry within the same day that we hang them out! By adding Organic Cotton and Coolplus the absorbency isn't compromised to get the additional drying benefits!

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4 Pack Night Nappy Inserts Pack + Free Cover
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