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The Love Bugz OSFM Nappy System
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Introducing the Love Bugz One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) Nappy System. The most flexible and affordable Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) solution on the market!
What makes the Love Bugz Nappy System so flexible? It is the only system that allows you to select the fabric you want for your outer and inner parts and put together a bulk package to get you on your way as quick and cheap as possible. The products you choose will then see your baby through from birth to potty training!
The Love Bugz nappy itself is a pocket Nappy. It has a waterproof outer fabric (PUL Lined), keeping leeks at bay. It has a water repellent liner (Either Microfleece or Suede cloth depending on the outer fabric design you choose) that keeps baby feeling dry and prevents nappy rash. Between these 2 layers is a pocket where you insert the required number of "boosters" or "inserts" to tailor the absorbency to your child. These inserts are the absorbent part of the nappy. There are 2 with each nappy and are the rectangular shaped pieces of material that sit between the baby's legs. The extra length in Love Bugz' nappy inserts allows front, back and side sleepers of both sexes to get the maximum absorbency!
The way that the Love Bugz nappy tailors itself to be a OSFM nappy is through the snap system at the front. After doing a regular measure up on your child, simply snap the rise buttons up after putting the inserts in and then snap the waist up as you would with a normal disposable nappy.


One more convenient feature that that Love Bugz nappy has that sets it apart from it's competitors is in it's fit. There are additional snaps at the hips to stop wing droops in very skinny babies, and very active babies.

For more information on putting together a package or something you think might be an FAQ, checkout our FAQ's!

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