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Frequently Asked Questions

Love Bugz Nappies
How do you put a Love Bugz Nappy on?
How many Nappies do I need?
What are the Advatages to using Love Bugz Nappies?

Love Bugz Nappies

How do you put a Love Bugz Nappy on?

The first step to using your nappies is to stuff the inserts into the pocket. Depending on the level of absorbency just add as many inserts as you need! Grab one end of your insert, open the pocket hole at the back of the nappy and push it in. Straighten it so it sits flat inside the pocket.

If you are using more than one insert, put them in all at once. This helps them lie flatter and gives you ease of control in straightening them. We recommend using 2 inserts as a minimum for all babies. Absorbency is key in preventing too frequent a nappy change.
(Checkout our Night nappy inserts which extend the use of your nappies!)

HELPFUL HINT: Many parents prefer to pre-stuff their nappies at the end of their washing routine.

To check the fit on the leg gussets to avoid leeks, pick up your baby’s legs after putting the nappy on and observe how it fits around the legs and bottom. Is it snug? If so, good. However, if you can see “air” between the nappy and their skin, then you need to refine the fit. Trying a smaller rise snap setting. When you child stands up, notice how the insert is positioned relative to the back elastic.

If the insert or soaker is higher than the back elastic, lay your child down, release the snaps, pull the insert back into the pocket so the insert rests against the top of the pocket with all the rise snaps undone. Then try doing them up and folding the insert through the pocket as you go.


How many Nappies do I need?

Daily: 6 Nappy changes on average
If you wish to use cloth nappies just in the daytime and wash every second day, we recommend getting one of our 12 packs at a minimum.
If you wish to use cloth nappies full time (Daytime and night time) and washing every 3rd day, we suggest getting one of our 25 packs and consider getting some night inserts or dedicated night nappies.

What are the Advatages to using Love Bugz Nappies?
With the average Aussie bum needing 5000 Nappies from Birth to Potty training, this adds up to a minimum of $2500 if you are totally organised and hit the specials every week... but this doesn't include the times where you run out and buy 1 nappy from local servo or a very expensive mini pack from the local chemist. Buying a complete package of Nappies for all your needs from Love Bugz allows you to pay yourself for the priveledge of doing cloth... A big pay day of $2000 per child! That works out to a $50 per month saving if you use them for 3 years and $80 per month saving if you use them for 2 years!

You don't pay for convenience with Dispossable nappies either. These calculations don't take into consideration the extra cost you invest in time and fuel in driving to and from the shops or the disposal costs involved with throwing away a disposable nappy... Think that it works out much for muchness when you include detergent and time spent maintaining your nappy stash? Think again! You use 1/2 or less of the amount of powder for a normal wash. With water, detergent and electricity included this only works out to:


Electric water heater: approx. $0.34/load

Gas water heater: approx. $0.10/load

Total washing costs=$36.00-$122.40 depending on your water heater

Another bonus and savings...If you use cloth wipes instead of disposable, you'll save a minimum of $3 a month if you are using the thin generic wipes. A single box of the really nice wipes are around $4 and it's easy to use 2 boxes a month! If you use our cloth wipes you will save an additional $250 per child!

Healthier for baby!
What should be of serious concern to all parents are the toxic chemicals present in disposable nappies. Dioxin, which in various forms has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, liver damage, skin diseases, and genetic damage, is a by-product of the paper-bleaching process used in manufacturing disposable nappies. Trace quantities may even exist in the nappies themselves!

Dioxin is listed by the EPA as the most toxic of cancer related chemicals. Disposable nappies contain Tributyl-tin (TBT) - a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems in humans and animals. Disposable nappies also contain sodium polyacrylate. If you have ever seen the gel-like, super absorbant crystals in a disposable, then you have seen this first hand. Sodium polyacrylate is the same substance that was removed from tampons because of its link to toxic shock syndrome.

No studies have been done on the long-term effects of this chemical being in contact with a baby's reproductive organs 24 hours a day for upwards of two years. Studies have also been done to show that the chemical emissions from disposable nappies can cause respiratory problems in children. Cloth nappies, on the other hand, are free of the many chemicals contained in disposable nappies.

In their September 2005 issue the American Academy of Pediatrics magazine, not exactly known for being a a promoter of natural health care, published an article about Diaper Dye Dermatitis. You can see some of the rashes these dyes and chemicals can cause in sensitive babies

In a nutshell - Every disposable nappy that has ever been used is still in existance. Ewww...!

Over 136kgs of wood, 22kgs of petroleum feedstocks and 9kgs of chlorine are used to produce disposable nappies for one baby EACH YEAR.

There is a cup of crude oil in every disposable nappy made.

We know that this is bad for the environment once we put them in landfill, but what about before it gets there? Check this link out for a complete presentation on the journey of a disposable nappy from the craddle to the grave...

Cut the contents of your garbage bin in half and avoid the awful smell... just use cloth!

Don't ever be stuck with nothing to put on your baby! Having your own stash of cloth nappies means that when your newborn has an explosion in their nappy at 2am, you've always got a nappy on hand! No more running to the shops and paying the inflated convenience store prices!

Don't fill your boot with boxes of nappies when they are on special - save that space for more fun things like books and toys that you'll be able to afford with all the savings!

Found that your baby has had a growth spurt overnight!? Still have half a box of the last size and none of the new ones? You don't have to worry about that with the One-Size-Fits-Most System that is Love Bugz nappies! Just snap it to whatever size you find your child in!

Have you SEEN how cute our nappies at Love Bugz are!? See HERE!